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The chances are, someone has downloaded your product for free today...

 "How To Stop Yourself From Being RIPPED OFF, While
Using The Power Of Automated Digital Delivery To Dispatch Your eBooks And Software INSTANTLY and
SECURELY, Saving Yourself Time, Embarrasment,
And Hundreds Or Even THOUSANDS Of Dollars
Per Year For One VERY Low Price of FREE..."


V3.0 Now Includes Secure Multiple Product Delivery, Free Sign Ups, One Time Offers, and Support!

V3.0 Also Works with ClickBank As Well As PayPal, And Has A Simple Affiliate Scheme And Web Store Built In!


  Are you being ripped off daily by link sharers?


Are you depressed at the thought of emailing your eBooks and software?

  Are you tired of customers complaining they haven't received their purchases?

  Are you struggling because you don't have enough time to start new projects?

  Are you failing because you're finding it difficult to build your mailing list?

  Are you not using the power of a system of automated digital delivery?

Well that's all about to change...



FAO: eBook and Software Sellers
Ref: SmartDD - Automated Digital Delivery System

Hi, my name is Frank Haywood.

I work from home (yes, it's great thanks!), and I sell digital goods on and off eBay. I make life easier for myself by using automated digital delivery and protected downloads, and shortly you'll be able to as well.

More on that later...

(eBay Sellers click here to jump to the part that will interest YOU...)

But right now I have some BAD news for you.

If you sell any digital goods online, you're suddenly in BIG trouble!

With the rise of Web 2.0, if your downloads aren't protected you're going to be fighting a losing battle as you get ripped off by more and more freeloaders.

You might now be thinking, but what's happened, what's changed? And after a quick check of your logs, you'll also be saying things like "What the...? 20 sales and 95 downloads...? How can that be...?"

And with a sinking feeling, you'll be realising you're yet another victim of link sharers.

You're not alone...

Most digital goods sellers don't protect themselves against free downloads. I know the thinking behind it - "it won't happen to me" or "I might get one or two, but I can live with that."

Well I'm here to tell you that while those statements might have been true a short while ago, they're completely wrong now.

Things have changed.

It will happen to you if it hasn't already. It won't be one or two either. It will be a flood of illegal downloads from your site.

So what's changed? And why is this affecting you?

Well, the last couple of years has seen the rise of Web 2.0 - "Power To The People!" - and now more and more sites exist that work on the principles of empowering people to make choices.

And while there are a lot of benefits to those - you can now market your products in new and interesting ways - they come with a price.




In the following video, see how Mike Filsaime was ripped off by link sharers.

Watch below to see how Mike Filsaime was ripped off for an unknown amount of money (probably thousands). And how it's ALSO HAPPENING TO YOU.

If you don't want to read the rest of this page, you MUST at least watch the video so that you know what you're up against. It's an eye-opener!


Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!


And you can add Jason James to that story too, with exactly the same thing happening to him immediately following one of his launches.

This is happening to online sellers everywhere, and many are completely unaware of what's going on...

You don't want to watch it or prefer to read instad?

Okay, it goes like this. If you have a $27.00 ebook and you get just ONE illegal download a day, then that's costing you $9,855 a year. How would you feel if it was 5 or 10 or 30 a day?

Link sharers have always been a problem. Some people think it's okay to post the link to your download page in a forum somewhere, and while most forum owners are honest and will take the post down, sometimes, with a busy forum, it may go unnoticed.

But that's at least livable with, you get a few downloads and the post becomes old and isn't found by many people. Unless it's been indexed by the search engines of course.

But again, the chances of it being found in the first few pages of a search are slim.

So up to now you've been lucky.

Here's where it all goes wrong.

Let's take the social bookmarking site as an example, but it could just as easily be for different reasons.

The way Delicious works is that people can bookmark a site or page using their free online bookmarking service.

The idea is that if you bookmark a page on your home PC, you can't get at it from your PC at work. But if you bookmark it using Delicious, you can get at it from anywhere.

Better still, you can easily share it with your friends. Or you can mark it as a private bookmark.

The default setting for bookmarking sites through Delicious is public, and that's all that most people use.

Then, other people from anywhere in the world can see what you've bookmarked, and if they like it, they can add it to their bookmarks too.

Every time someone adds the same bookmark, it becomes a vote for that URL. The more people do it, the higher it shows up in searches on Delicious. And guess what? The big search engines LOVE it and will rank a page higher just because of the amount of votes it has.

It's an ideal way for the search engines to find out what people are talking about and what's popular.

Okay, there's your crash course completed.

How does this affect you?

Someone finds your site, and they buy your product. As you don't have a method of automated digital delivery, they end up on an unprotected static download page.

They then decide to bookmark your download page, but instead of doing it locally, they do it using Delicious instead. And they don't bother making it a private link...

Are you with me?

Now anyone going onto Delicious and doing a search will find your download page.

And Delicious is HOT! Everyone is using it as it's such a great idea.

So all it takes is one thoughtless person, and your product is free for anyone to download.

Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!

And because the search engines love Web 2.0 sites like Delicious, your download page will already have been indexed.

Now, while you ARE able to contact Delicious, and ask them to remove the link, it's faster to just move the download page.

But you then need to notify all your customers what you've done. And the person who bookmarked it in the first place just goes and bookmarks it again. What do they care? It's not their problem.

In all, what that means is YOU'RE SCREWED!

To make matter worse (could it get any worse?), I was talking to one of my friends about his blogging tool, and he filled me in on a new development that should be very interesting to you.

If you've been using tags like noindex and nofollow, and a robots.txt file to stop the search engines from indexing the download pages of your site, guess what?

TWO of the big search engines now totally ignore them. Yep, in research he'd conducted, two of the search engines totally ignored all the limitations and went ahead and indexed pages they weren't supposed to.

What chance do you have in these circumstances?

Well, you could use expensive and cumbersome site membership software and put your download pages there, but in a lot of cases, the software doesn't protect download links, just the pages themselves.

Or you could use SmartDD. You can grab a FREE version of our automated digital delivery software here on this site.

It solves all of the problems above, even if you weren't aware of them. And you're also protected by default against future problems that NOBODY even has an inkling of yet.

It's stange that so many people sell digital goods online, but have no automated digital delivery method, relying on a static download page instead. That might be okay with you if you're giving away free ebooks, but we're not so sure...

If you are giving away free ebooks in return for a name and an email address, then in that case your payment is information rather than money. If you're relying on an autoresponder to send out the link to the download, then that link can also (and will be) shared.

Well, we have that covered too! This latest version of SmartDD (v 3.0) will automate secure delivery for downloads of free ebooks and free software too, in return for a name and an email address.

That's an additional feature we've been repeatedly asked for, so of course we've gone ahead and done it!

And let's not forget you can now use this feature in conjunction with a One Time Offer!  

Imagine this...

Someone gives you their name and email address in return for a free download, and right after signing up, you present them with a One Time Offer page with a special offer of a reduced price for a paid for product.

Believe me when I say a LOT of people go for the One Time Offer if you make it clear it's at a greatly reduced price over the regular deal, and can then prove it if they click "No thanks" by sending them to the freebie download page where there's a link to get the full product for a much higher price.

And believe me when I say It's a great incentive for people to buy at the lower price knowing that they'll only get that offer once!

This is how SmartDD automated digital delivery works, in a nutshell.

  1. You receive a payment from a customer via PayPal (and now ClickBank too).
  2. PayPal sends the details to SmartDD.
  3. SmartDD sends an email to your customer with a UNIQUE link to the download page which has their name, email address, and home or business address on it.
  4. Your customer goes to the download page and downloads their purchase by clicking on another UNIQUE link.
  5. After they've downloaded, the link expires.

It's as simple as that. SmartDD has now completed its automated digital delivery on your behalf. Once you've set your product up, you don't have to lift a finger!

It's simple to use, it's simple to install and it will simply save you a fortune.

It actually goes a little further than that, because 24 hours after the purchase, it will also send out a personalised follow-up email to your customer which can be an upsell, cross-sell or any message you wish, even an additional unadvertised bonus just to keep their interest.

Now is that cool or what?

Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!

And guess what...

SmartDD works with eBay as well as websites!

Yep, SmartDD is PERFECT for selling on eBay. It takes all the donkey work out of sending your customers their purchases as the entire process of automated digital delivery is completed thanks to SmartDD.

I've always believed that giving an example always works better when trying to convey meaning, so I'd like to tell you a little story about buying and selling ebooks on eBay. And of course the theme is all about automated digital delivery.

It's completely made up, and if you imagine yourself as each character, then when you get to play the part of the two sellers my question to you is, "which one would you prefer to be?"


Let's look at it from three points of view.


The Customer

It's 8.00pm and you've sat down for a browse on eBay when suddenly you spot an eBay Classified ad for an eBook on horses - just what you've been looking for!

You check it out and see that the seller accepts PayPal. So you click to buy, pay by PayPal, and then you wait for your eBook.

And wait...

And wait...

You read the listing again.

Oh no! The seller says it can be up to 72 hours before you receive your order!

You have a quick look round on eBay for the same item and you see that other sellers are offering digital delivery within 2 hours, and some of them are even offering INSTANT automated digital delivery.

And now you've learnt a valuable lesson
. You'll never buy again from any seller that doesn't offer automated digital delivery. You want your eBook now!

The following morning, the eBook seller sends your eBook by email and it fills your mailbox, and is rejected. Aagggh!

That does it! The seller can stick their eBook where the sun don't shine!

You email the seller demanding your money back and then go and buy the eBook from someone offering instant and automated digital delivery.

Three minutes later, you've paid by PayPal and an email arrives from the new seller with a link to where you can download the eBook. You click the link and two minutes after that you're reading your new purchase.

The next day you receive an email from eBay seller number 1 saying he's sent you the eBook and you're trying to rip him off. As far as he's concerned, the deal is done.

You also receive a follow up email from eBay seller number 2 saying that she hopes you've enjoyed your purchase, and that she has some other offers that she doesn't display on eBay for her "special" customers only, together with a link to her web site.

You click the link, spot something else you'd like to buy that's five times more expensive than the first eBook you bought, and happily pay for it knowing that you're dealing with someone who cares about their customers.

Just like your first purchase, it arrives by instant automated digital delivery.

You also join her mailing list in return for some free ebooks, and a few days later after receiving a nice email from her, decide to buy a DVD from her.


Now let's take a look at day to day business from the sellers points of view.


eBay seller number 1

eBay seller number 1 copies and pastes messages into his emails from a text file, then he attaches the zip file and sends the email.

He's realised that he can save standard emails into his drafts folder with the files already attached and so he's started to do that as it's a better way of doing it, but he's noticed his email software is getting a little slower, and it takes ages to send the emails.

Sometimes he attaches the wrong files and gets a complaint, which is annoying. And he's noticed that one or two buyers have been trying to rip him off lately, saying that they haven't received their emails or that their mailbox is full, and they want their money back.

That's their problem! They need to sort themselves out!

He gets quite angry, and it's taking him a long time to put together all the emails and files every day. He won't put the files in his free webspace as he's heard that people will rip him off and share the links with their friends.

He's been doing it this way for ages and things aren't likely to change. He's too busy to make improvements, although he did read somewhere that there was some way you could make Outlook Express send out emails by setting up "rules", but you had to leave your PC on all the time, and he doesn't want to do that.

He's fairly sure he knows what he's doing, but he thinks that profits are down from what they were 6 months ago.


And finally...


eBay seller number 2

eBay seller number 2 uses SmartDD automated digital delivery which instantly sends an email to the buyer from her website.

It takes about three times longer to set up than sending one email out with files attached, but she only has to do this one time for each item, no matter how many she sells.

From then on, it all runs on autopilot.

Inside the email is a warm message and a link to the download which is a unique one-off link per customer and so can't be shared. The link takes buyers to her website, where they can download the file and of course also get the opportunity to take a look round.

She's noticed that 1 in 50 people who download in this way also buy something else from her website.

SmartDD also automatically sends a follow up message the following day with another warm message, together with some free ebooks to those customers who sign up to her mailing list.

She gets about 4 people in every 10 sign up.

She sends out some useful information in the form of a newsletter to her list every 7-14 days, sometimes a freebie, and she also includes "special offers" from other website owners. When a sale is made, she receives an average affiliate commission of 50% of the sale price.

She knows from experience that on average 1 in 100 people will buy the offer, and depending on how attractive the offer is, sometimes more.

She puts a copy of each newsletter on her website knowing that search engines will spot it and it will bring in more traffic and so more customers. Again, 4 in 10 people will sign up to her mailing list as a result of this.

It's taken a while, but she has a list of over 3000 people now, and it's growing daily. She's started to earn quite a lot of money with her offers. She chooses carefully based on price and perceived value for money, bearing in mind her target audience.

Her customers think all of her emails are personal as their name is included, but when SmartDD does its automated digital delivery thing, it "fills in the gaps".

She's absolutely certain she knows what she's doing, as she knows that profits are well up from what they were 6 months ago.

She's a SMART seller.



Which seller would you like to be?

eBay seller number 2 uses SmartDD to do the donkey work for her. Her order payments are processed by PayPal, and she's set it up so that when an order comes in through eBay or through one of her websites, PayPal sends all the order and customer information to SmartDD.

All it took on PayPal was one minor change to her account.

All it takes with SmartDD is to let it know the name of the item being purchased. That information is sent by PayPal along with all the other details.

When SmartDD receives that information, it then jumps into action and does several things.

It checks the NAME of the item in its database.
It checks that the CURRENCY and PRICE of the item paid for are correct.
If everything is okay, it creates a one-off MASKED link to the download.
It INSTANTLY sends a personalized email to the customer.
24 hours later, it also sends a follow-up email.

Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!

It almost seems like magic, but really it's just a bit of OUTSTANDING programming by my developer.

Let's take a look at each of those steps in a little more detail. You enter each item into the SmartDD database along with its price, currency, real location of the download, a personalized email message, and a follow-up message. PayPal then sends the order and customer information to SmartDD.

1) SmartDD checks the item description sent by PayPal against all of the items it knows about. When it finds a match, it pulls out all the associated information.

2) It then checks the currency and price of the incoming order against the currency and price in the database. Why? Because it's possible for someone who knows what they're doing to pay for an item for just one penny, and PayPal would trigger a sale.

If SmartDD didn't check the price, it would generate a free download. Part of the SmartDD automated digital delivery process is the built-in security.

Similarly, the currency is checked because you could be selling for $17.00, and the buyer pays in Japanese yen!

 - Sellers get ripped off every day by these methods when they use rules in an email program to automate the work for them (not a good idea). If you use an email rule to handle your automated digital delivery, then it's possible for someone to get all of your products one at a time, for a penny each, or even just by sending you emails...

3) SmartDD then generates a unique one-off link to the digital download. This link is masked by some clever programming so that the customer never gets to see the real location of the file.

 - Again, sellers get ripped off all the time, losing hundred or thousands of dollars through people sharing a download link on forums and amongst their friends.

4) Next comes the personalized email to the customer. SmartDD does this by using the customer and order details passed across by PayPal. So instead of a standard "Hello, thank you for your purchase, here are your digital goods.", the customer gets "Hello John, I know you have a lot of choice, and I really appreciate your purchase of 'How to Make Money From eBay' from me.", etc.

Again, as part of the SmartDD automated digital delivery process, we put flexibility and customisability high on our list of features.

 - Research has shown that a customer is much more likely to buy from you again if they receive an email that seems like it was written just for them. The personal touch really counts for a lot in life, and in business.

5) This is definitely the best part. 24 hours after the purchase, SmartDD will send a follow-up email to your customer.  This can be a simple "I hope you're happy..." to an invitation to join your mailing list in return for free ebooks or free software. These personalized follow-up emails will pay dividends in customer satisfaction and additional sales.

 - I've seen statistics quoting that it's between 5 and 12 times harder to sell to a brand new customer compared to an existing one.  Whichever one is closer to the truth doesn't matter, the fact remains it's easier to sell to someone you've already sold to.

Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!


New for v3.0 - Kunaki Support will create and ship a CD or DVD in either a jewel case or DVD case, with full colour printing anywhere in the US for about $6, and anywhere in the world for under $10.

SmartDD v3 now allows you to sell discs on eBay and have Kunaki notified by SmartDD, who then ship the physical product for you.

What this means is, by putting your ebook(s) on CD or DVD, and selling it as a "multi-media product" in a regular auction or Buy-It-Now (BIN) listing, you can neatly side-step the eBay restriction on selling ebooks.

Of course, you don't need to sell on eBay to use the Kunaki functionality - you can use it directly on your web sites too.


New for v3.0 - Free Sign-up Delivery

You can now offer a product for free in return for a name and email address, and have SmartDD deliever it securely.  This was requested by several customers who had original products they were giving away to their new subscribers, but didn't want the download links shared.

This feature will work with any autoresponder that supports sign up forms and we've included an Aweber form as an example.


New for v3.0 - One Time Offers

SmartDD will now allow you to make a one time special offer upsell right after your new customer purchases or signs up to your mailing list, using the free sign-up method described above.

This functionality is usually found in high end very expensive scripts.

This means you can now do things like give something away for free in return for a name and email address, and then immediately upsell to a paid for item. Or you can do the same kind of thing with a low cost item and upsell to a more expensive or premium version.


New for v3.0 - ClickBank Support

Earlier versions of SmartDD only worked with PayPal as the payment processor.

We've now added support for ClickBank too.  This means you'll now be able to take advantage of placing your product in the ClickBank market place and using ClickBank's affiliate scheme.

SmartDD will now accept the messages that ClickBank sends back, and create a unique and secure download page, just like it does for PayPal transactions.


New for v3.0 - Built In Affiliate Scheme

We've now added a method of running an affiliate scheme for SmartDD based around a PayPal email address.  This means you can now set up a sales page and make it an affiliate based system where your affiliates make a percentage commission that you decide - from 1 to 100 percent.

You can also make a few decisions about whether only your customers can be affiliates, or if it's an open scheme, by saleable item.  And you can also ban affiliates globally across all items if you find out they've broken your terms and conditions.

The affiliate scheme works by allowing your affiliates to create an affiliate link in the format of:-


When a prospect follows the affiliates link, the ?e=PayPalEmailAddress is removed from the end of the URL and a cookie is dropped on the prospects computer.  

If you've set the commission to be 50%, then the payment for the product is rotated between you (the admin) and the affiliate alternately.  If you've set the percentage to 60%, then the affiliate would get 6 in 10 sales, and you would get 4 in 10.

Affiliates LOVE this method of receiving commissions as it allows them to receive payment directly into their PayPal account and they don't have to wait for the admin to get round to it - usually the following month.

Whatever percentage you set against the saleable item, you as admin will ALWAYS get the first payment, even if the commission is 100%.  This prevents people from fraudulently buying your product using their personal account and paying it into their business or premier account,


Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!


The Benefits

Let's run through the benefits to you when you use SmartDD.


Automated digital delivery to your customer
- One instantly happy customer!
 SmartDD will also handle physical products too, including the automated fulfillment of CD and DVD orders by


No more link sharing
- Protect your product investment.
- If someone does share their link, then primary and secondary redirects can steer anyone that clicks the link to your sales page!

Unique "one-shot" links
- Each link uniquely identifies the customer, and by default contains their name, email address, and home or business address on the download page to dissuade them from sharing.
Advanced file protection and file hiding
- You can store your downloadable files OUTSIDE your web space if your hosting account supports it (many do, e.g. cPanel based hosts).
- Uses "Downloadable Filenames" to deliver a different filename to the one stored on your server, e.g. can be delivered as  
Works 24x7
- Be doing something else while the money comes in.
Template driven web pages
- Your download pages are unique and auto-generated per customer.
- Up-sell and cross-sell your digital products via your web pages.
Supports manual download pages
- Don't want to protect your affiliate link peppered free ebooks? No problem!
- While SmartDD is secure by default, it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to! 
Template driven emails
- Up-sell and cross sell by email at the point of delivery.
- Create "simple" or "advanced" emails by using the email section builder, then link bodies and signatures together.
- Create "global" or even "custom" emails unique to each product you sell.
Send richly formatted emails
- Supports HTML as well as plain-text email types.  
Automated follow-up email 24 hours after the sale
- A 3rd chance to sell while your customer is still HOT!
- Get your customer to subscribe to your mailing list.
Simplified customer support
- Re-send missing emails at a click.
- Send an exact copy of the original email via the email log, or generate a new one from a different email template.
Track orders
- Browsable orders list, view details, re-send emails, etc.
- Comprehensive fully sortable transaction search using (*) wildcards.  
Track customers
- Browsable customers list, view order details per customer, sortable, etc. 
At a glance statistics
- Daily "headline" stats on main page.
- Click to view orders placed, repeat customers, new customers.

Triggered by PayPal and ClickBank
- The most-used online payment processor on the planet will trigger the automated digital delivery process.
- V3 Now includes ClickBank support.

Multi-currency support
- Checks the currency of the payment as well as the amount when using PayPal.
- You don't want to sell in dollars and get paid in yen!
Holds all raw order and customer data sent by PayPal and ClickBank
- Every bit of data about the transaction is retained. 
No more fiddling with the difficult to use PayPal Button Factory
- The built in button generator makes it super easy to create button code for your sales page that you never have to touch again.
- The button generator also includes code "widgets" for title and the price.
- If the price or title ever needs to change, just do it in SmartDD and watch your sales page change automatically!
- Also creates "one-liner" links for use in emails.
Works across domains
- Install on one domain, use payment button code on many others
- Install on as many domains as you personally own for ultimate flexibility!
Easy to understand documentation
- COMPREHENSIVE installation and usage documents and videos.
- Contains CLEAR examples of usage, plus hints and tips.  
Easy to use!
- Created with usability, simplicity and power in mind.  
Works PERFECTLY with eBay as well as websites
- Why restrict yourself? 

Enough! I Want My Free SmartDD Automated Digital Delivery NOW!



You may think it would reasonably cost a lot of money for such a powerful protection and automation tool.  After all it's going to save you a lot of work and free up an awful lot of time for you to spend on other things like leisure time with your family, or being able to work on new projects.

Just think, no more sitting and checking orders every day, and then sending out emails by hand.  From sale to delivery to customer follow-up, it all happens completely on autopilot.

You can be fast asleep in bed, or down on the beach, or taking a walk, and when an order comes in, it's all dealt with automatically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Leaving you time to concentrate on other methods of making money.

Like thousands of novellists and songwriters have been doing for decades, you do the work once, and just sit back and watch the cash flowing into your bank account.

And of course, no more being ripped off by link sharers!

People that have used SmartDD have said that given the time and and effort it's saving them, then it's probably worth hundreds to them.  But I think that realistically, to ask too much really would be asking for too much!

But I thought that you may not appreciate all the benefits and true power that SmartDD might bring, so I decided that the best thing to do would be to give it to you so that you could try it out for yourself.


Yes, you can download it for FREE...

So all you have to do is sign up below and you can then download it from the members area for free.  It's fully functioning and will never expire and it will let you protect and deliver five products as many times as you wish, per installation.

What's more you can install it on as many domains as you like, this is not a per-domain licence fee.  All that I ask is that you register each domain with me so that I know how popular it is.

This may be all you ever need, and if you do need to protect and deliver more than five products, you can just grab the upgrade from the members area when you're ready.  And then you can have thousands of protected and auto-delivered products if you wish.


System Requirements

There are just three requirements in order for this program to work.

Your web space must be running at least PHP4.1 & MySQL and also have the latest ionCube loaders installed. That's it.

Most modern server set ups have all of the above, so it's not an issue, but there's always a couple who try to turn back the clock.

We can recommend low priced hosting when you purchase, but if you already have some paid-for web space, it's likely you already have everything you need.

NB - We've had a few problems installing on a handful of small (and a couple of big) web hosts. In most cases we can overcome those peculiar quirks of setup that some web servers have, but there are three notable hosts that we can't get SmartDD to work with.

Yahoo, GoDaddy, and Fasthosts (UK) hosting.

I'm afraid that if you have Yahoo or Fasthosts web hosting, SmartDD won't work. It's not just SmartDD either. From what I can tell, most other web applications won't work either. GoDaddy is almost as unfriendly, however the problem is with the third party ionCube loaders that we use.

If I find any other hosts that won't work, I'll add them to the list above. Although so far, it doesn't seem there are any...


So what are you waiting for?

Just click the button below and download your free copy of SmartDD in the members area.




Best regards,

P.S. Remember, SmartDD is FREE and it could save you thousands EVERY YEAR...













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